Saturday, March 21, 2009

22 WEEKS!!!

When I was prego with Navi I didn't take ONE picture because I felt so gross and huge. So this time around even thought I feel huge and nasty I still want to have something to look back and remember this time of my life. We had are last check up and baby boy and bump is measuring kinda small, but everything looks good. I am measuring 20 weeks and baby boy is measuring 21 weeks.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One of EACH Please!!!

We are having a BOY!!
We both wanted Navi to have a sister just because this is more than likely are last baby and we just thought It would be nice to have the same sex close in age. ( plus we have EVERYTHING a little girl could EVER need) On the other hand since it is our last I am glad that Travis will have a little boy to do boy stuff with. It's funny because I was kinda in tears about it and the first thing that Travis said was "My brother is going to kill me" Fuuny!! Since most guys would be jumping for joy to find out they are getting their BOY. We both totally thought it was for sure another girl so we had already planned on her name and her room. I am kinda scared to have a boy to be honest. I only know girl. Will I know how to dress him??? What fun accessories do boys have?? How should we decorate his room??? To say the least we are both still in shock!!