Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So we went to see Santa last week and I think this is how Krew got RSV which then led to him getting pneumonia (poor guy) SO it's been a crazy couple o days to say the least with it being Christmas week and all. Lucky for me Krew is such a great baby you can hardly tell he is so sick. Travis thought I was crazy for even taking him to the doctor because he is always laughing and smiling. Even when we were getting his chest x-ray(which is a baby torture chamber by the way) The tech told me I didn't want to stay in the room because it would be hard for me to see, but I was not leaving him in there alone with strangers( yes I am THAT mom) So he warned me, but the whole time Krew was just laughing and smiling and the tech said in ALL of his years he has never done an chest x-ray on a baby and not had them screaming and crying!!! So back to Santa Navi was totally AFRAID of him, but we didn't expect anything else she was even scared for Krew. Plus if your looking at the picture an wondering what Navi is wearing she is at that stage where she has to pick out her own clothes(WHICH I TOTALLY HATE) I was secretly throwing my own two year old temper tantrum as I watched her pick out her clothes! ha ha Navi is so funny because I swear she knows what I can't stand most ( dirty face and hands, messy hair and non matching clothes) and these are her FAVORITE things!!! So I am trying to act like they don't bother me because I think the only reason she loves these things is because she knows she can get a rise out of me-SMART GIRL- So we will see who wins

Krew doing his new trick blowing bubbles

Being goofy waiting in line!!!

Classic Navi face
Mom: Navi smile cute for mom
Mom: OH so cute

Mom: Navi are you so excited to see Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas
Navi: ummm NO!!! ( with sucker still in mouth)


Friday, December 18, 2009

That's not Santa

So lately I have been threatening to call Santa when Navi is being on the naughty side so this morning I was on the phone with my mom and Navi thought I was talking to Santa. When I got off the phone she asked to talk to Santa and not knowing who I should call I called Travis( since he does a really good Santa) So I put Travis on speaker for Navi to talk to him and Santa starts Talking to Navi and Navi looks at me and says " mom that's daddy" We both start laughing so hard!!! SO I need a new Santa to call now that my two year old doesn't believe in Santa anymore !!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

SeRiOUsLY SMiLe!!!!

So it only took 2 days to get a picture for our Christmas card and about 300 pictures and not in ONE is Navi smiling!!!!! It was so frustrating, but now it's just funny! Oh the memories! I think I have been bless with a spirited child like Navi to help me to learn to just go with the flow and not be so neurotic and OCD!! The first day of pictures I was so frustrated but by the second day I was just laughing! I am slowly learning that not everything has to be perfect and there is beauty in imperfection(RIGHT???)

I decided that maybe if we practice smiling that would help!! Here is what I got

We are wishing you a Christmas full of smiles!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Downtown Flagstaff before the Blizzard

Yes Travis caught me playing in the snow( with no gloves BAD IDEA) when I was suppose to be packing!!!

Us at the BOTTOM of the crater!!! What a hike in heels!!

Me in front of the meteor Crater!! Yes it was windy and freezing. You LOVE the hair I KNOW!!

Us in front of something important @ the Meteor Crater museum!!! It was to cold to read! It was a good day to go there because Nobody was there but the weather also didn't permit for a guided tour because of the wind, but that didn't stop them from charging us $30

We went on the pink jeep tours 7 years ago but when we went to have our disposable cameras developed from our Honeymoon Walgreen's lost all our pictures!!! So we decided to get pictures this time just in front of it!

Us freezing in Sedona

Some local told us this was the best restaurant in town!!! If it is then I could never live in Flagstaff because it was Nasty, but I also had 10 dead deers with Santa hats looking at me!!! ( oh yeah after this experience we ate at McDonald's 3 out of the 5 times we ate!! I think I need a McDonald's endorsement)

We woke up to a BLIZZARD on Monday!!
It was actually really neat I have never see it snow like that before!!

Scariest Drive home in my life!!!!

Travis and I got 2 free nights in Flagstaff at the same hotel we stayed at 7 years ago on our Honeymoon!!! Just like 7 years ago things didn't go as planned. We planned for our Honeymoon to go Snowboarding in Utah, but a week before we got married I decided to break all of the toes on my left foot dirt bike riding ( At least we were having fun RIGHT?) This past April we got 2 free nights and decided we would save them until December so that we could go Snowboarding! So we waited until the last week until the free nights expired, but of course there was no snow to go snowboarding. So we did just about EVERYTHING there is to do in Flagstaff other than Snowboarding!! On this trip we learned-

-We could never live anywhere cold
- We will never visit Flagstaff in the winter unless we are there Snowboarding
- Don't listen to the Locals
- Don't drive in a Blizzard
-Don't plan on Mountain biking when it's below 30 degrees
-Finding someone to take your picture is impossible when its pouring
- Don't expect the honeymoon suite with a free night coupon
- It's more fun spending time together after seven years!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TwINs, ReCItal, aNd OnE cUte BOy!!!

Navi's First Dance recital!!! Where is she you ask!!!Yeah she decided to not participate, but weren't the girls so CUTE!!!!

Our Friends were in town with their Twins so Krew got to finally meet his Girlfriend isn't she A DOLL!!!