Wednesday, July 27, 2011

crusin the wright way

Catalina Island... I will live on an Island someday!!!

formal night


Santa Monica was AMAZING!!!! I just wish the beach wasn't so far of a walk from parking, but great shopping... IN LOVE WITH THIS AREA

oh and after it cost us $80 in a taxi from the airport to the port we did all city transportation on the way home... SO I rode on my first city bus... what a ride!!!

I did something dumb to my camera so this was all the pictures we took and most of them are blurry... sorry

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So I have been wanting to do this hike for about 4 years and I finally talked someone in to doing it with me!!! Last year we were ready to go and Trav was planning on coming, but the week before we got flooded out. This year Trav didnt want to make the hike down... His lOss...Scott and I drove up Thursday morning and started the hike around 5am... We both had around 35lbs in our packs and started our 11 mile hike in

The most beautiful scenery walking thru the canyon

about 9 miles in you finally see water and it is breath taking... totally worth it

Mooney falls is about a mile out of the camp site and you have to climb down the side of the mountain to get to the bottom... Scott thought he was going to die... he kept telling me " your mother would not approve of us doing this, we are going to die"

Here is Scott coming down... Holding on for dear life

You would walk a little way and see something amazing then walk a little more and see something more amazing... BEST TRIP EVER!!!

WE MADE IT... It was so nice down there probably a 20 degree change in temperature

Here I am trying to get clean...

our little camp site... All we had to eat was beef jerky, trail mix, and granola bars...

The last day we had a major storm and It was intense... we were in our tent to ride out the storm but the winds were so strong our tent wouldn't stay together and so we sat holding the tent up for about two hours and then it started flooding in the tent and at this point I was ready to get the crap out of there and I was waiting for Scott to call the shot... Shortly after he said lets just hike out tonight( our plan was to hike out around 3am that next morning) I jumped up and packed my pack and in about ten min. we were on our way out... Then about 3 miles in we hit the village and the village people were telling us we wouldn't make it out before dark... so scariest situation for me is walking 11 miles in the dark ummm NO THANKS!!! So I was on a mission get up before dark!!! Now Scott was in no hurry and didn't mind walking in the dark! so I had calculated if we did about a 15-20 min mile we would make it out before dark!! Well old man was doing about a 30 min mile... NOT COOL OLD MAN!!! I seriously would walk a mile and then wait for him, because I didn't want to be alone. I keep thinking I was going to walk up on a wild animal and then be in trouble. The when we had about 3 miles left Scott says to me if you don't see me for awhile know that something might be wrong and come looking for me. OH GREAT!! HE IS GOING TO DIE!!! Now if you know the hike the last 2 miles are straight up hill... SWITCHBACKS!!! Well we made it out not before dark and no Scott didn't die.. ALMOST the last mile took him about an hour... I truly thought we would either have to pitch the tent and sleep there or leave him for dead.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

one fish... two fish...

My two little fish are in swim lessons and just finished their last week and Navi swam all the way across the pool!!!! Mr. Crewser still cried the whole time, but he can jump in a find the wall all by himself!!!