Thursday, April 23, 2009


The Fair was in town again so of course we had to go for some yummy food and to show our support for my cousin who is in FFA
Little miss hanging out with the pigs!!!

Navi loving the corn dogs

Navi loved the rides this year she was so fun!!! (can you tell Travis has lost FIFTY POUNDS!!!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


As an 18 year old girl six years ago I married my husband Travis and I knew without a doubt that he was the only man that I could spend the rest of my life with and have a happy, life-long marriage. I didn't know that a marriage required a great deal of selflessness, patience, and hard work. I never thought we would have arguments over who left the dirty dishes in the sink(my biggest pet peeve) or who stole who's towel?? ( OK I admit I am a towel stealer and Travis hates it so much) On the other hand I thought that a happy marriage was all magical and passionate full of romantic getaways. But after six years full of ups and downs, years of infertility, big milestones in life like getting pregnant with Navi, having Navi, Everyday life as a family of three. I have learned that the big milestones and fun vacations cause us to overlook the numerous ordinary ones that happen in everyday life. Everyday when Travis get home from work and school we go for a walk with Navi and although this seems like such a small uneventful
simple walk down the street. It is these daily moments that I look forward to the most. While candles and flowers might be what most woman want, I have found the daily interactions and common interest that Travis and I share are the core of our marriage. Six years later what could be less romantic then dealing with who cleans the toilets and who is getting up with Navi in the middle of the night. Our life is filled with daily task of housework, schooling,working,and childcare. But still to this very day I feel as if I don't see my husband enough. Me and Navi go 48 hours without seeing him almost every weekend and I truly miss him. I miss talking to him, and I miss those everyday moments with him(like him yelling for a towel at night after his shower because I stole it that morning). Travis is truly my best friend, I truly enjoy his company, he can always make me laugh, he never takes life to serious which is good for me because I am always stressing over something. He knows me better than anyone and I am the most comfortable around him. When we go out to eat he knows exactly what I am going to order and how to order it. (like all on separate plates because my food can't touch) He has seen me at my worst and still loves me, and if you don't truly know someone how can you really love them???? A wise man once said that the simple truth to a happy marriage is based on a deep friendship. It's funny I hear people giving advice saying don't get married until your 25, and I have always wonder what they meant by this. To that standard I still wouldn't be married, I wouldn't have Navi, and my life would be dull, boring and meaningless. I might have more money in my pocket, more clothes in my closet, and more single life experiences under my belt, but if could go back six years ago I wouldn't wait one day longer. Marriages are filled with these simple daily routines of grocery shopping,house cleaning,earning a living, heavy burden, and just life itself. Ironically, it's these moments that marriage finds it's ultimate meaning. This is it; this moment is life. Seize the day. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband I was right, 18 an all He is the only one that I can have a happy life-long marriage with. We love you and miss you when you are at work and school all day, but we know you do it because you love us, and that makes me love you more!!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

suns suite style

My parents were awesome and got two extra tickets for Travis and I to go to the suns game in the suite... It was amazing free food and drinks, and couches to watch the game on. What more can a pregnant lady want??? It was a good ending to an overall stressful day.( will post about that later when Navi lets me take a picture)

Not sure why Travis is making a retarded face>Probably trying to be all GQ!!!
He we are watching the game on the couch!!! Great for a fat pregnant lady!!!
Sorry I don't have photo shop to make me look like one of those cute skinny pregnant ladies!!!

Free soda I think Travis drank a six pack, but we didn't think to start collecting until the cool guys in front of us had a beer can pyramid... They totally wasted us in numbers!!

Oh and the best part of all was the free food!!! This is a picture of my NO RELISH DOG!!! How can you not have relish??? I am thinking about writing a letter to complain. ha ha.... No but seriously the food is really good. The first half is like real food and then after half time it hot dogs and cookies. LOVE IT!!!!
Thanks for the great memories you guys are the best!!!!!


Navi and I were at the mall just doing some shopping like every other time. We had finished
shopping and were headed out to our car. Since Navi hates being in her stroller she was walking with me. When she is not in her stroller we play a game we made up called ready set GO!!(she will stop then run to me at go) It's not the fastest way to do shopping but she gets to be independent and walk which she loves. So we are like 10 feet from the door and a young guy is just coming in the handicap door so I am at the door and we do a ready set GO. She starts running and then hits the mat that is right in front of the door and falls face first hitting her head on the metal base of the door. It didn't look like a really bad fall, but she was screaming so I pick her up and put her head to my shoulder trying to comfort her and then I think to myself she never cry this long so I take a look at her face and her face was seriously COVERED WITH BLOOD. So I run back inside and the guy who had just walk inside as we were going out sees me running back inside comes over to us looks at Navi and yells SOMEONE CALL 911. (whiched totally made me freak out even more) I sit down grab some wipes and apply pressure to her forehead trying to stop the bleeding. In like 2 minutes 3 security guards show up an ambulance and fire truck. So like 10 people are around us asking a million questions which totally freaked Navi out even more. She wouldn't let anyone look at her so I had to do everything. Which would have been fine if it wasn't my own kid. So here Navi is screaming mostly out of fear at this point. Me crying because I am afraid of what I am going to see on my baby girls face. So I get her all cleaned up and to my surprise it wasn't as bad as I had in visioned. So they tell me to take her down to the ER and get her checked out for stitches. So we call our pediatrician and he gets us in right away and gets her all stitched up. 5 STITCHES!!!! POOR THING!! I think the whole experiance was more tramatic for me then it was for her. And everyone kept asking me is this your first kid? and is this her first head lasceration? Then insuring me that this will happen alot and Head wounds always bleed alot.


Monday, April 13, 2009


I love these pictures with her hair super crazy!!
Navi is a night owl and doesn't really wake up until 10!!! ( don't hate me) And The Wright House egg hunt was at 9 so we had to wake her up. She is so fun to wake up because she is like a teenager and totally acts like she can't hear us and tells us "NO OUT" Travis and I were dying laughing. It took her seriously 10 minutes to get out of bed.

I love these picture!! When I see her so happy and loving life I just know she is my purpose in life.

Navi Is such a people watcher while all the kids were running around looking for eggs she just sat on the steps and watched.

She found some eggs and then tossed them right into the fountain!! SILLY

After The Wright House egg hunt we had brunch with my family and Navi had Gabby and Grant to teach her what to do. I am sure that Navi probably didn't find one egg in that basket.

Monday, April 6, 2009