Friday, October 23, 2009

better late than NEVER

Kiss 24 GOODBYE!! You were mostly filled with morning sickness and all day sickness!!!
Travis's Family surprise me with a cake for my birthday @ the beach hence the wet hair and NO makeup

I TURNED 25 !!!!
1. wonderful husband who makes me laugh all day!
2. Beautiful kids
3. great brothers
4.different countries I have visited (Ireland, England, France, and Mexico)
5. Amazing Aunts
6. Years I have been married (plus 10 months) and have lived in our first house
7. Years since I gradated from high school
8. The number of times I have been to the lake since Krew was born
9. The number of cell phones I have owned
10. The number of years I have know Travis
11. My favorite track on my favorite pink CD
12.The place I got in state as a freshman
13.The number of stitches I got on my knee
14. The age I was when I met Travis on the beach(I was fifteen in two weeks if that helps)
15. The age I was when my house burned down
16. Got my first car and drivers license
17. Senior trip and when I met Travis again after his mission
18.Age I got engaged and married
19. The year I lost my best friend.
20. The year I broke all my ribs and punctured my lung snowboarding
21. The year we added on to our house
22.The year I had Navi
23. Still trying to finish the house
24. When I had Krew
25. QUARTER OF A CENTURY AND # of candles on my cake

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My precious baby is growing SO FAST!! Krew is the happiest baby! If he isn't sleeping or crying he has a per ma smile on his face. I LOVE IT!! You can't help but smile when you look at him. He also will just start laughing for no reason! Krew hates to sleep He loves to cat nap. He is also a twin of my little brother Kyle which I love because my sweet brother Kyle is amazing. Everyday I look at Krew and Navi and I just can't believe how blessed I am. Just 6 years ago we were told having kids would be next to impossible! I am so thankful for doctors, technology, and science. Without them I would not be a mommy and have these adorable kids.