Saturday, April 24, 2010


My poor little man has been so sick with rota virus we spent two days in the hospital getting fluids, but he is getting better!!!
My parents had suns floor seats and were so kind to take us along!! This guys is who we were seating next to!!

Me giving the boys good luck before the game(it worked - we won)

Some famous basketball guy who Travis wanted me to get a picture with ( really he wanted to be in the picture but felt dumb silly boys-lol)

Mimi and Papa took us up to the cabin on a quick trip!! It was so fun to get away and play in the snow( even if it was a tiny little patch)

Navi love throwing snowballs

Riding her bike WITHOUT shoes!!! Hey at least she is wearing clothes right??

Monday, April 5, 2010

GiRLs WeEKeND!~!~!"

What an amazing weekend I had this last weekend shopping, eating, more shopping, and more eating!!! Best of all what a life changing experience going to Conference and Temple Square! SO AMAZING!!!!


Me perfecting the skinny face, but had a couple Scary faces( didn't post those were way to scary)

Me and Bay eating our SMART COOKIE!!!


About to head out for the day- Random yellowness

GIRLS TRIP is now Tradition so we have to do a trip at least once a year!!! Everyone in???