Saturday, August 29, 2009

MiSsiOn BeAcH WItH tHE BrINKs!!!

Navi's first time flying A Kite

Breakfast @ The Boardwalk

Playing with Kenz & Jade on the beach

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Krew is 4 weeks old!!!

We are potty training so little miss is always NAKED!!!!

My sweet little boy is growing up WAY TO FAST!!!! I am just loving every second with him, because I know that this could be my last baby. I just want to never forget how he smells and his sweet little hands and feet. He is such a great baby and is always so calm (Not like little Miss who cried her first 8 weeks of life) I know I am so blessed to be a mom to a beautiful, smart, and funny little girl and to this sweet new baby boy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

dinner conversation

So it seems that everyday Navi says a new word that I didn't even know she knew. Like today at The Wright House we were all talking and everyone kept asking Navi what her little brother's name is and she would respond KREW!! Then would name everyone in the room starting with herself. So she points to herself "NAY" then "KREW" then "MOM" and then she points to Travis and says "Travis" Travis and I were both shocked she knew his name so tonight while eating dinner we thought we would see if she would say it again.

So this is our conversation at the dinner table...

Stacey( to Navi) : What is your name?
Navi: NAY!
Stacey: what is mommy's name?
Navi: MOM
Stacey: what is mommy's real name?
Navi( long pause thinking about it) MOM!
Stacey: what is daddy's name?
Navi: DAD!!
sTACEY: What is daddy's real name?
Navi: HONEY!!!

Travis and I just starting laughing...
So apparently Navi thinks Travis has lots of different names( DAD, Honey, and Travis) but I am Just mom
(which I secretly love just being MOM!!!)