Monday, May 24, 2010


OK I really might be a hippie!!! I have always loved the hippie style, long straight hair, braids, dresses, headbands. BUT I AM SWITCHING TO CLOTH DIAPERS!!! HIPPIE??? I have a couple of friends who have switched and LOVE it. So I guess I am going to give it a go!!! Wish me luck

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She SWimS ShE biKeS She runS SHEROX!!!

I was super nervous for this triathlon
since I didn't TRAIN AT ALL on the bike or run, but it's all good!! I finished... BARELY!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I am 3 WATCH OUT!!!!

Navi of course wanted to go to the zoo for her birthday with Mimi and PAPA!!! So we went!!

Can you believe she is smiling in a picture!!!! (there is hope)

This year we are going to DISNEYLAND for Navi's Birthday but after Travis is done with school, so we still had to do a simple ice cream and cake party


I can not believe my baby girl is 3!!! She was SO FUN this year with her birthday all she wanted was STRAWBERRY LIP GLOSS I was SO surprise since she is all TOMBOY!! She loves to climb trees, make forts, play with mud, hates clothes, hates shoes, hates bows , hates doing her hair and hates taking a bath!!! SO we (OKAY just ME) is hoping that this year she will learn to love the great things about being a girl-( mostly just the wanting to look cute part) WISH US LUCK!