Tuesday, April 26, 2011

work hard-play hard

Mesa Childrens Musuem

If you haven't been it's great


I have been super busy at work and it takes a toll on Miss Navi. She is always asking why I have to go to work. Then when I am headed out the door for work she will run up and hug me and tell me she misses me( insert sad face) Luckily I usually have Tuesdays and Wednesdays to spend with the Kiddos!! So we try to do something fun together!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Navi LOVED making her easter eggs!!! She was so proud of them... I am never going to be able to get them in the trash!!!

little missy in her Easter dress!!

Ready for the egg hunt!!

the whole gang!!( we are all kinda looking)

My little man is getting so big!!

Out of the eggs they have to go after the same one!!!
I love Krew's face ...haha

Thursday, April 21, 2011

daddy-daughter camping trip

Loaded down... just an over nighter!!!


Couple of things I told Travis before they left was Have fun and don't let her walk around with a messy face!! well atleast they had FUN!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

blissfully blonde

So awhile back I went to roadrunner to try and find a brace for me knee before Ragnar and they have this great program shoedog and it videos you running and then they fit you for you perfect shoe. So I did it and first off I was wearing the total wrong shoe for my foot and running style who knew... So I in the back of my head thought maybe this is why I have been having so many IT problems, but the real shocker was ... well let me first start by saying this so I don't sound totally blonde. I know I have Large feet like a size 11 huge I know but who can find cute shoes in a size 11... let me just say you can't the biggest you can find is like a 10 in heels, maybe a 10 1/2 in running shoes and that's the size I was wearing and yeah my toes would totally go numb a few miles in, but I have also broken my toes over ten times so I just always thought that was the case. ANYWHO I am A SIZE 12!!!!!! I might have cried a little or a lot when I found this out. I will never find shoes that fit and that are cute EVER!!!! THIS IS A PROBLEM for because I am a total fat girl and LOVE MY SHOES even if the make my toes bleed, blister or even brake them. I love my shoes and I was blissfully ignorant about it. Now when my feet & are killing me (umm duh they are 2 sizes to small) I know that I put them on knowing this and knowing that I had to work 8 hours and that they are WAY TO SMALL!!! So the story is I want to be blissfully ignorant again or find somewhere that sells size 12 adorable heels...


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

yay summer time

Look at my little man getting so big!

We Love love did I say lOVE the zoo! Every Christmas My mom gets us a zoo pass and it's the BEST EVER!!! We go at least twice a week!! Since it has gotten alittle warmer the splash pad is open!! YAY!!

Life has been getting easier as far as the kids go, Krew is getting big enough that he will play on his own for awhile and Navi has learned to do somethings on her own. We just found out that the next two semesters of school Travis will have two 12 hour days, plus care plans(which right now takes him from 7- midnight) and a 2 lecture days! So I am starting to prepare now.

Then Travis the other night sprung on me that his is ready to try again for another kid... haha I totally thought he was joking, because I am so not ready at all ( I feel so overwhelmed with what we already have going on) PLUS the chances are pretty slim we have two trys left and Krew took 3 times... But maybe we will see in LIKE 2 YEARS!!! I might be ready then