Monday, October 27, 2008


Navi had her first taste of fair food and loved every bite.

Can you just smell all of the yummy food? ( I had 2 corndogs, piggly wiggly fries, kettle corn and funnel cake.) Slirp slirp!!! Now I am hungry darn it.

Navi had to stop at the petting zoo of course.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Angel among us

So today was one crazy day. It started off just like any other day me and Navi hanging out doing our normal morning things then it came time to get ready to go into work so Navi and I went into my bathroom to start getting ready. She usually plays in with my make-up brushes while I do my hair and make-up. In our bathroom between our sinks we have a piece of furniture that holds and displays all of our bathroom needs. I had 3 large glass jars on top holding nail polish, Q-tips, and bath beads. I also collect prince fogs and the weight about 10lbs and there were 2 in this piece of furniture. Well, to make a long story short Navi applied to much pressure to one of the drawers and I saw the whole thing start falling over so I stepped over and held the furniture from falling but everything inside and on top came crashing down on Navi and myself. The next thing I remember is Navi screaming so I picked her up and I took her clothes off examined her whole body and much to my surprise there was nothing wrong. Once I realized she was OK that's when I started to feel my own body and felt the blood gushing down my leg and I looked down and saw a huge laceration and could see my knee bone. I started shaking and felt like I was going to pass out, but knew I had to get a hold of Travis, but knowing me I have NO idea where my phone is it took me a couple of frantic minutes I got on the phone called Travis and I were off to the E.R. and I got all stitched up.(4 hours later) But I know without a doubt that someone was watching over Navi because She has not one scratch on her which is a miracle. I know that we all have angels watching over us (mortal and immoratal) I have always believed in angels but have never had a personal experiance where I knew someone was looking out for me until now. I posted picture below so watch out if there is a pic. of my stitches.

This is a visual of the bathroom and piece of furniture that fell. You can't really see all the glass but you get the point

watch out if you have a weak stomach

I pulled back some of the bandage I know I am not suppose to for 24 hours, but I think the doc will understand since it's for my blog. RIGHT? oh yeah and I guess my leg modeling career is OVER :(

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Every time I look at this precious face I know that she was sent here just for me my special gift from my Heavenly Father. I see in her eyes the goodness of the this evil world and she teaches me everyday how to be a better person. She is proof that God lives and loves us. She inspires me! She saved me! I am seriously so blessed.

1 year ago & NOW

So tonight as Navi and I played the night I away I find myself wondering how did she grow up so fast? Just last year she was a baby who didn't know how to crawl or talk and now she is running around just talking, dancing and laughing. So I just realized she isn't a baby anymore She will always be my baby but she is growing up and I kinda feel cheated it went way to fast and I want to go back and just cherish EVERY MOMENT AGAIN. So I have been watching home videos (my favorite thing to do and I do it at least once a week) I know I am so vain right. but much to my surprise Navi seriously grew up right before my eyes and I didn't even notice. I knew she was getting taller, but her face is losing the baby fat and she looks like a little girl. seriously!! Nobody told be she would grow up this fast!!! I guess I better start preparing MYSELF now for pre-school. So to all you moms out there with infants and baby's just hold them all day and cherish every second because you blink and they aren't babies anymore.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My daughter has the weirdest talent she can stack 5 pairs of sunglasses on her face and wear them all day long. ( wait is that a talent?) STRANGE WE KNOW!! I think she got it from Travis