Thursday, May 24, 2012


Navi's Birthday Party!!!

Dance girls!!

Sunshine singers

Trav Graduated Nursing school!!!

I guess we were wearing to much white...

Navi's birthday morning!!
can't believe my baby girl is 5!!

Tball was a blast to coach
Navi might just be a great ball player

This boy to... He is totally into hitting

camp trip with daddy!!! I am glad I got one picture!!!

Me and the kiddos... It was a rough couples of months with Trav never being home because of school and work, but we survived!!!


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Halimmmm said...

wow,,,,nice picture,,,i like it...
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sothankful said...

just randomly checking out blogs and came across yours! Congrats on the nursing graduation! I am a nurse as well and I am studying to retake boards and it is HARD WORK!! You have a beautiful family.

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